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One To One Theory Tuition

Are you struggling with the theory test?

We can help with our one-to-one theory tuition

We know and can understand the difficulties some students have with their theory test, but before you can take your practical driving test, the theory examination must be completed. Theory lessons at Carcaptain can be arranged with one of our tutors who have the knowledge and experience to help prepare you for your theory examination.

Your progress will be closely monitored to help identify your strengths, and help highlight areas where more practice may be required. This service is personalized to every individual’s needs and will support you through your theory test.

Our service gives you the chance of getting quality one to one time to practice theory based questions, and allowing you to ask questions as well as demonstrate your knowledge and understanding to build your confidence before the exam.

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Expertise of highly qualified instructors

Having hired highly qualified and experienced staff, we offer our clients the competitive courses at the competitive prices. They are deft and efficient in their expertise and have all that takes to get the students test ready. Moreover, a number of our students have been through their guaranteed pass course and test within just a week. You just need to trust our instincts, as we will do our best to have you pass your driving test in less than 14 days.

Need more information about our intensive driving course? Call us on today on 0800 8600 186. Discussing your requirements with you, we will make sure you get a course to suit your needs. Our free consultancy service will guide you through the process and attend all queries you have.