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Learner Driver Insurance


 Now you can get short term independent learner Driver Insurance for almost any car. Learner Driver Insurance  Premium from £1.70 per day *excludes Insurance Premium Tax and a Card Processing Fee

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Why do your LDI through CarCaptain?           Get insured Easily, Quickly and Instantly.




  • 1.Cheap Stand Alone Learner driver insurance cover instantly available.
  • 2.Fully Comprehensive – Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party only cover options available depending on duration of cover chosen
  • 3.Insure your own car Quickly and Easily
  • 4.If the vehicle is owned and insured by someone else, there is no risk to their insurance policy and their NO CLAIMS bonus is unaffected
  • 5.Insure almost any car you the learner driver wish to drive
  • 6.Instant quote given, all you need is your personal and vehicle details
  • 7.Flexible short term policies, start with a minimum of 28 days and can then buy additional policies as and when required. You can even have gaps when you are away at University


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BONUS – Get FREE theory course material CD and full access to our online resources for your driving course. Just present us with your policy number.

Learner Driver Insurance available on a short term or annual basis, giving learner drivers the chance to take out their own learner driver insurance policy on their own or someone else’s car! (as specified on the policy) Without risk to parents, relative’s or friend’s No Claims Bonus. Terms and Conditions apply. Get your Learner Driver Insurance from £1.82 per day with Short Term policies available.

It is important that under the learner driver policy, you should learn to drive under the supervision of a registered and qualified driving instructor or accompanied by a suitable driver, who is 21 years or over and still holds a driving licence in the same class of vehicle as the one the learner driver is using. Basically, your health and safety are involved in the process of learning to drive. The vehicles of qualified driving instructors are fitted with equipment necessary to deal with any such life-threatening situations during the initial learning process. Moreover, during the learning, the instructors provide private practice along with official instruction, and this makes you ready for your test drive reducing the overall cost of learning to drive.

“Save £20 off your new short term policy and up to £20 off every subsequent short term policy purchased with our link to embed our referral code for your discount
The learner insurance for provisional licence holders which can be for the cover type you require is supplied by a leading insurer which has both the flexibility and cost effectiveness which makes it extremely easy to get anyone on the road quickly – with instant policy cover and online certificates issued! Plus on the short term policies you can insure a second vehicle HALF PRICE! (Terms and Conditions Apply) If you have any questions regarding car insurance for learner drivers please feel free to contact us for assistance. In the mean time you can view our Learner Driver Insurance FAQ

What The Learner Driver Insurance Covers

What The Learner Driver Insurance Covers

  • Flexible short term learner driver insurance from 7 days to 24 weeks (initial minimum of 28 days) or a full annual policy
  • Take out a policy for each vehicle when you need it. With the option on the short term policies to get half price insurance on a second vehicle (Terms and Conditions apply)
  • Practice with friends and family without risk to their hard earned no claims bonus

Rules for Learner Drivers.

Learning to drive with approved driving instructors who have the experience, knowledge and training to teach you safely and correctly is the only safe way to learn how to drive. By law if you want to practice you’re driving you have to be accompanied by a suitably qualified licensed driver, the accompanying driver must be over the age of 21 and must have held and still holds a full UK/EU driving licence, in your vehicle category, for over three years.