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How to get an earlier driving test? The Quick and Easy way is for us to find you a Practical Driving Test at the centre of your choosing. We take the hassle out of finding and booking your driving test at the DSA driving test centre of your choice.  Simply call us to make the arrangements to get you a much earlier and more convenient test date for your practical driving test. We Guarantee that we can find you a test on the day and in the test centre that you want or you get your money back.Book your fast-track driving test now!


At Carcaptain driving schools we specialise, and work very hard, so that we can find cancellation tests for our clients. Currently the DSA website for practical driving tests is booked up at some centres for periods in excess of three months. We have dedicated and specialised staff who’s prime duty is to find driving test cancellation dates for our individual clients.

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Please note Carcaptain is not part of the DSA nor is Carcaptain affiliated to the DSA nor do Carcaptain charge you extra for your practical driving test. Our fees are for finding and arranging the availability of all the parties for the practical driving test. The fees we charge for the driving test booking service is based on the circumstances surrounding the required booking and the urgency requirement of the student. There is no VAT chargeable on the DSA charge for the practical driving test, however, our practical driving test booking service fees will attract VAT. When we have discussed in detail your requirement we will give you a clear and detailed cost breakdown of the practical driving test booking service fee.
Why would you use our services rather than the DSA services?

  • Bespoke client managed personal booking service
  • Quick and Easy no hassle practical driving test booking service
  • Free access to Carcaptain driving training consultancy
  • You get what you ask for and we do not book a test you are not 100% happy with
  • Highly trained test booking team
  • Speak directly to a professional person, no time wasting telephone queue
  • You do not need to book your own test we will do all the work for you

You can find your own driving test at the DSA website by following this link: https://www.gov.uk/book-practical-driving-test

You can also change the date of your practical driving test by using this link : https://www.gov.uk/change-date-practical-driving-test

Please also have a careful read through our Terms and Conditions which can be found here: https://carcaptain.com/terms-and-conditions/